Arte in olivo is a family, before to be a company, that works and lives basing on values like respect for long-term quality and like love for our friends and relatives.

The love and the passion for the wood lead Condò family from three generations. In fact, Condò family manufacture the 100% italian olive wood from 70s.

The story begins in 1952 with the wood factory by Pasquale Condò (born in 1920).

From 1975, the son Michele Condò earns a specialization in parquet manufacturing and objects creations choosing olive wood as raw material.

Nowadays, with his father, Pasquale Condò (born in 1990) curate communication activities and, as he is an Architect, he designs the products, adding to the quality an innovative touch.

In the pictures some handcrafting phases of objects, furniture and parquet that you can find on our show-room.